Affinity Events Ltd prides itself on doing things a little bit differently from the competition.

As a family and faith-based company, working with clients of all faiths and none, we prioritise certain things that we believe make us stand out in the event industry.

Integrity. When we quote for our services, the amount quoted is the amount you will pay. We do not make extra money by marking up the prices on equipment or services we have to hire in for you. We will also be honest with you about whether, how and at what cost we can deliver what you require.

Relationship. Every client is different and knows their organisation better than we do. Part of the service we offer is taking time to develop a strong relationship with you, so we can understand what you want to achieve. It is important that you feel comfortable with us, trust us and never feel we are trying to take over.

A bespoke service. Affinity’s only preferred way of working is our clients’ way of working. We do have experience of particular methods and work regularly with certain suppliers. However, if these don’t suit your project we will go back to the drawing board and find the solution that best fits your event.

Going the extra mile. Not only are Affinity staff experts in their field, they are committed to their clients. At events, we understand there are always last minute challenges and opportunities for improvement. Wherever possible, we will be alongside you to ensure that your event is a success from start to finish – not standing back once we have done our ‘bit’. We see ourselves as a part of the team making things happen, whatever that may require.

We hope you will agree that we are a little bit different.

If you want to discuss our services with us, do browse the site or get in touch.


Delegate Registration

Registration for your event can be managed completely online with our delegate registration service. We can construct and maintain a registration site customised to match your branding and designed to capture any information you need.

Abstract Management

Closely tied in with delegate registration, this facility allows your delegates to upload an abstract prior to the meeting. Once uploaded into our library, work can be amended, allocated for review, scored online then slotted into your meeting programme.

Membership Services

We can manage the membership data of your organisation and extract the information you need in regular feedback reports. Use this service to link your membership database into a secure website and allow individuals to access member-only restricted content. Communicate en-mass with your membership about upcoming news and events and manage annual subscriptions quickly and easily with online payments.



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