About us

We love making great events happen

That’s the most important thing  – but here are some other things you should know about us…

Integrity When we quote for our services, the amount quoted is the amount you will pay. We don’t make extra money by marking up the prices on equipment or services we have to hire in for you. We will also be honest with you about whether, how and at what cost we can deliver what you require.

Relationship Every client is different and knows their organisation better than we do. Part of the service we offer is taking time to develop a strong relationship with you, so we can understand what you want to achieve. It is important that you feel comfortable with us, trust us and never feel we are trying to take over.

Going the extra mile We are committed to making your event a success. We understand that (despite all the planning in the world) there’s often last minute challenges and unforeseen issues that arise once the event is in progress. Wherever possible, we’ll be alongside you to ensure that your event runs smoothly – not standing back once we have done our ‘bit’. We see ourselves as a part of the team making things happen, whatever that may require.

We hope you’ll let us help you make your event a great one! 

Meet the team


Keith brings a wealth of technical expertise to his role of managing director, with a background in electronic communications and robotics. He can fix most things, making him VERY handy to have around the home – and onsite. He’s equally comfortable operating a camera or fixing a generator as he is to project managing an event from start to finish. He is insanely curious about gadgets, which allegedly began with him dismantling his etch-a-sketch on Boxing Day as child.


Jenni’s previous lives have involved nursing, publishing and graphic design. She loves neatness and organisation, so overseeing Affinity’s delegate and abstract  department and keeping data tidy quenches tendencies which could otherwise morph into OCD. As a visual learner, she enhances communications with images, diagrams and arrows. Her bottom desk drawer contains every sharpie colour known to exist and she doesn’t mind sharing them – as long as you put the lids back on.


Vicki is a trained teacher with an eye for detail, a love of learning new things and connecting with new people. She oversees exhibition management and making sure the logistics are in place so everyone knows what’s expected and when. She loves to understand the why and how of her role and is incredible at reflecting on past experiences for an even smoother experience the next time. She runs on feedback, good coffee and laughter. 


Russell’s primary area is audio visual and when he’s not working for Affinity, he’s running his own video company. Like Keith, he can turn his hand to anything practical, transferring skills seamlessly between different clients and different settings. His abundance of knowledge is only surpassed by his aura of calm that makes him a fantastic asset at any event.


Dom’s main area of expertise is lighting although like everyone else in the team, is flexible and happy to turn his attention to other areas. He can switch between the tech staple black logoed T shirt for a shirt and tie – and back again – with very short notice. He’s a board game geek and demonstrates unending patience teaching newbies the rules of his current favourite game.


Matt’s previous experiences have seen him travel all round the world in a variety of guises as both an employee and director of his own AV company. Matt is methodical, calm and likes working in the background, so we don’t have a photo of him that he likes. He’s the only person that we work with who prefers PC’s to Macs, but we love him anyway.