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The Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church and meets annually to discuss matters affecting the life of the Church, the nation and the world. The Methodist Council agreed that the Conference could not meet as planned in Telford this year and so it met online.

PH Production Services asked Affinity Events to provide additional production, technical support and virtual meeting expertise for the event.

The conference was a hybrid event where the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary along with a small support staff would meet in one location with delegates joining virtually.

The set was designed with suitable social distancing between the participants and visualisations of different designs options supplied to the client. Affinity then supplied the backdrop framework and print for the conference.

The Methodist Church wanted the conference to run as much as was possible in the same way virtually as it would in a live environment. This meant that any of the more than 300 delegates could present business, ask questions of business that was presented and vote either by raising of hands or by poll voting. Delegates and presenters also had strict time limits for the length of presentations and questions – so a traffic light system had to be available for those presenting to view.

A speaker queuing system, video playback, powerpoint as well as remote vote adjudication and remote comms to 2 different locations for comms and adjudicators also added to the complexity of the setup.



 Now that the Methodist Conference is over, we can pause to appreciate just what an extraordinary achievement it has been to run it at all in the current circumstances. You and your colleagues in the technical team are the people, perhaps more than anyone else, who have enabled this to happen. We thank you very much indeed for your hard work, skill and professionalism through the preparations and during the Conference itself. 

Richard Teal & Carolyn Lawrence

President and vice-president of conference


Methodist church



June 2020


Virtual Event


Set production, Technical support,
AV equipment

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