'Is it possible to...?'

We offer a wide range of services, making us an ideal partner for your project.

The sections below summarise the most commonly used services we offer. Less traditional tasks have included producing a 17 meter long window graphic, spending a Saturday night with a team of volunteers constructing 800 friendship bracelets, sourcing a full-sized Tardis for a Dr Who themed festival and finding an Aston Martin for ‘The Stig’ to emerge from. 

We are pretty flexible…

The sections below are therefore not exhaustive. So if your ideas are a little unusual, just ask ‘Is it possible to…?’ and watch us rise to the challenge.

Conference Apps

Used periodically for the last few years, the humble conference app has surged in importance for us and our clients recently.

Apps need to integrate with any number of software products to produce a clear, user friendly result from the front end. Apps are a simple but powerful tool, giving the user access to vast amounts of information within a few short clicks.

Video Editing

Video can be live, with a mix going to a face-to-face audience, streamed online or a hybrid of both. We can also straddle both these disciplines, with a live stream going out at a particular time as a Virtual Live event, or available on demand as a ‘catch up’ feature for delegates who missed the livestream or wish to watch again. Our team can also offer editing of material supplied to us, or can shoot and edit to meet your brief. 

Virtual Events

Virtual meetings facilitate learning, networking, socialising and sharing key messages with peers – all from the comfort of your own home, workplace or luxury yaucht.

Most aspects of most traditional conferences can be migrated over to a virtual platform with a little creative thinking. Narrated PowerPoint talks can replace physical poster-boards. Partners can be showcased as virtual exhibitors. And in case you hadn’t heard, Zoom yoga is now a thing.

For some, virtual isn’t QUITE as satisfying as face-to-face, but virtual meetings are an invaluable service at this strange time and promise only to gain momentum as many clients plan hybrid events in the future.

Project Management

Prep. Load. Drive. Build. Test. Run. Pack. Repeat.

With an extensive warehouse of kit and 1000’s hours delivery time over the years, your production needs are in capable hands. No matter the size of your event and whether you need a tech operative, equipment hire only, or complete production management, no job is too big or too small. 

Web design & Hosting

Our graphic design department can overhaul your existing website or build a whole new one from scratch. We can integrate existing software to manage other aspects of your organisation, such as membership, online shop or an annual meeting. We have our own UK server space and hosting can be costed on an annual basis, if required.

Membership Services

Our membership sevices package can streamline the way you manage your annual membership. Bespoke online forms capture all the data you need, card payments are taken to secure member status either as one off’s or on a recurring annual payment scheme and we report back to you regularly on a pre-agreed basis to update you on your membership figures. Our system allows you to send out automated reminders and newsletters to your database, ensuring your members always feel connected.

Training & Consultancy

Not only do we love to make great events happen, we love to empower you to do the same for your organisation.

Once we understand how you work and what direction you want to go in, we can devise a bespoke training package with you and run it with your team. We’ll help you  create a programme, plan the logistics, deliver your idea and debrief with your team afterwards. This exercise can be run as a training activity, or in parallel to an actual event.

Consider us the training wheels – the next time you’ll do it yourselves!

Delegate & Abstract Management

Delegate and abstract management are combined in this section as many of our clients require both, but they can be offered as separate elements if you need only one or the other.

Take the toil out of the admin surrounding your event by planning your online form to capture all necessary information.

Schedule communications to kick in at particular points in the calendar and we’ll ensure everyone know’s what’s exepcted and keeps to your timeline for a smooth, stress-free experience.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design department integrates with other services to ensure your branding continues through all aspects of your event. 

We design for print and web based media, using your chosen pallete and established branding, or presenting you with a range of alternative options if you want to explore a new direction or launch a new product range or service.